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Tricks to soften hair without natural recipes

Every woman dreams of a soft, loose hair like silk, but she may need some tips and tricks to follow. There are several natural recipes and mixes that can help clean hair, cleanse toxins and get rid of dryness and roughness.

Tricks to soften hair without natural recipes

These natural recipes will produce amazing results but require more time and because women have many responsibilities and daily burdens that never end, they do not have time to take care of their hair.

Therefore, we will offer you some very natural and simple horses that you can easily follow during your day to get smooth, smooth and smooth hair like silk

1. Healthy food and drinking water

At first and foremost, you should know that the right nutrition is what makes your hair strong, soft, healthy and free from any aesthetic problem. Vitamins, proteins and mineral salts in some food foods can nourish the scalp with sufficient nourishment to give hair smoothness and smoothness. And healthy nutrients on the hair and help to improve and prevent the injury roughness and bombardment. Always take fresh vegetables and fruits with yogurt, cheese and yogurt in your meals. It is also necessary to drink water a lot and in sufficient amounts during the day, because water helps to expel internal toxins in the form of veins. It also contributes to moisturizing hair and protect it from dehydration.

2 - Wash hair with warm water

Do not wash your hair with very hot water because hot water can help to destroy the scalp and bomb hair follicles with the absorption of oils and creatine in hair as a result of its impact on brain cells. Also do not wash your hair with cold water because it also may help to damage this hair in addition to the cold water does not clean the hair and may feel you cold and not feeling comfortable. Choose the solution and use warm or lukewarm water to wash your hair to treat all hair problems and give it the required softness, because warm water may help moisturize the hair follicle and prevent it from drying or inflammation.

3 - Use the balm and bath cream

Away from the natural recipes and mixes that you use to soften and moisturize your hair because of your lack of time and because of your constant preoccupation, after bathing directly with warm water. Use the appropriate shampoo for your hair and put a little of it on your hair and then use the hair conditioner to help moisturize and then make a cream bath for hair If your hair is dry type, use a bath three times a week. If it is fatty, use it twice a week. You can make a warm oil bath for hair using a combination of natural oils that include "olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil" once a week.

Massage and ventilation of hair

One of the most important natural and magical tricks to soften the hair and make it flow like silk are two steps after washing the hair first step Madam Madam massage the scalp well, any work massage to the scalp hair in order to stimulate blood circulation within the scalp. Increased blood flow and access to substances and nutrients needed for the scalp and hair follicles. While the second step is the ventilation of the hair and not covered after washing directly because this is a big mistake may harm the hair through the injury of the scalp with the crust and thus make the hair dry. Keep your hair straightened so that your hair follicle allows you to breathe while not stimulating the fatty cells of your scalp. Also, do not expose your hair to the sun so that the scalp does not get severe infections that cause hair dryness.

5 - methods of drying and combing hair

After washing the hair and massage, dry the hair with a clean towel put over your hair and click on it well to get rid of excess water. After that, comb your hair after drying well by a comb and not a brush to avoid hair loss, and then connect your hair back to make the hair is soft and soft and not curly. You can use the energy method on your hair, hair styling forward and then divided and hair in reverse and leave it for at least three hours and then after you remove your hair and you will be impressed by the result and enjoy the hair soft and unique like silk. Make sure your hair is cut regularly to remove coarse and dry edges.
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