how to color my hair at home and get salon quality natural and free - Hair Dyeing, Coloring,Natural Or Chemical. Find Out The Best For Free

how to color my hair at home and get salon quality natural and free

how to color my hair at home and get salon quality natural and free

Madam If you don’t have time to wait your turn sitting in a salon chair to color your hair .Why don't you live the adventure of coloring it by your self at home and for free !! well, at least less expensive

 After realizing that a chemical hair dye which looks professional isn't the right choice for your skin health, it may cause skin allergy
save your time, money, sanity and take a look to these recipes and the benefits of the used mixture and imagine the final new color and the strength that your hair will gain

the majority of women ignore that it's possible to dye by a blond hair color without any harm at all , by the contrary this method is nutritious to hair because it provides the benefits of natural ingredients used in the dye 

Ways to dye hair in blond

 Chamomile tea

  boil a liter of water and put several chamomiles bags and leave it for a half hour, after you wash your hair and dry it well, wash your hair with the tea and let it without drying or covering .

you can repeat the process daily until you get the desired color degree
it can be kept for several days in the refrigerator if it is tightly covered, but must be taken out a few hours before use, or  heat it up on a low heat before using it again.

 Benefits of Chamomile hair ..

  Chamomile grows in temperate zones all over the world, small yellow flowers are the active part of chamomile grass, and have properties for a variety of medical treatments, for the care of beauty
it helps to reduce or prevent hair loss and calm any inflammation or irritation of the scalp, also it's friendly and safe to use even for children and pregnant women also it lighten the color of hair and protection from falling.

 Mixture of Turmeric , chamomile and Calendula

  bring equals ingredients of turmeric, chamomile and Calendula then put them in a boiling water for 20 minutes and filtrate the water , dye your hair with it and leave it about 20 minutes finally wash your hair using a lukewarm water and you have to repeat the process until get the desired color.

Benefits of Turmeric

  Among the benefits of Turmeric, it helps to solve scalp problems including inflammation, eczema, fungi, hair thinning and Alopecia which cause all itching and damage of hair follicles, it activates blood circulation and thus blood flow by the head
Turmeric contains many important and essential vitamins and minerals that give hair vitality and luster, the Curcumin present in it is anti-inflammatory, allergic and fungal.

the roots of rhubarb

put 3 to 4 spoons of the powder of dried rhubarb roots in a litre of water and boil it about 20 minutes then remove the tea from the fireplace and leave for a whole night
in the morning filtrate the water and use it twice or three times on your hair and leave it until drying. repeat the process for a clearer color

Way to dye hair in brownish blond

You must prepare
One egg
5 tablespoons of olive oil
tablespoon of turmeric powder 
Teaspoon saffron powder 
Two tablespoons of natural henna
Two teaspoons of Nescafe
Spoon of natural lemon juice
  now mix ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture then put it on your hair and cover it with a bag so that it does not dry for 4 hours , at last wash your hair with lukewarm water to get the desired color

Benefits of eggs , saffron and olive oil on hair

  The health benefits of eggs , saffron  and olive oil on hair are many and it can be summarized in the nourishment and moisturizing and promotes the growth of hair and prevents falling and fights the crust because it improves flow of blood circulation to the scalp.

a last word 

  It's comfortable doing your own hair coloring. 100 % natural no chemical products just you and a mixture of a healthy plants , oils  etc...
all the women now turn to dye naturally rather then being afraid of hair loss , allergy or cancer . you can also take a look to these recipes to prepare natural balm for hair from eggs
  you may now wonder how you ever had the time for a three-hour salon before.

Do you DIY  your dye? What are your best tips for perfect results?

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