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Useful foods for strengthening and intensifying hair

Useful foods for strengthening and intensifying hair

Hair grows at a rate of 1.5 - 2 cm per month, and usually the growth of hair in the summer than in winter. The hair is made of creatine. The natural melanin in the scalp is responsible for the color of the hair, and when this color is disturbed, the color of the hair appears.

There are many problems that get to hair such as crust - fat - drought - falling and bombing, which has multiple causes ...

The most important causes of hair loss:

 Age and associated diseases such as diabetes nature of water, especially calcareous water and saline climatic conditions such as heat, humidity and environmental pollution Psychological condition such as stress and tension and anxiety imbalance hormones lack of proteins and vitamins and minerals pregnancy and lactation use hair dyes pathological reasons such as alopecia and fungi

 For healthy hair, proper nourishment is essential to ensure that the hair needs the necessary ingredients and the most important foods to strengthen the hair:

Meat and chicken: rich in protein that supplies hair with the amino acids necessary for hair growth, because the lack of protein in the meals makes the hair vulnerable to falling. Spinach: rich in vitamin Botin useful for hair, especially in relation to the secretions produced by the skin and scalp and in the case of lack of biotin, hair is exposed to fall and bombardment. - Carrots: Rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A is very important to look and hair. Whole grains: Vitamin B supplements are very important for hair health, hair resistance and hair restoration. These vitamins are important for regulating the secretion of oily substance to maintain hair moisture. Whole grains contain important elements of hair such as zinc and iron. Dark leafy vegetables such as lettuce, mallow, and watercress are rich in vitamins and minerals that contribute to the production of sebum by hair follicles. This material is essential to ensure moisture to the hair to protect against exposure to drought and shelling. Flaxseed and fish especially salmon, oysters and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which cause their lack of food in dry scalp and pale dull hair loss of vitality and freshness. Eggs contain high-quality proteins rich in all essential and non-essential amino acids. Nuts and nuts are rich in proteins and fatty acids that make hair strong structure during the formation stages and contribute to give hair elasticity and softness and provide nuts hair some basic minerals such as selenium and zinc, which lack cause dry scalp and hair loss. Legumes: Lentil, beans and chickpeas provide a good amount of protein, iron and zinc. Liver: one of the richest foods with the iron element necessary to prevent hair loss
Low-fat dairy products are a good source of calcium, proteins and vitamins essential for hair growth. Avocado: Contains vitamin E and unsaturated fats essential for healthy hair growth. Mulberry: Contains antioxidants that work to increase hair growth and scalp health.

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