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Natural Mask Smoothing hair

Natural Mask Smoothing hair

The contents of the hair exposure to many influences such as sun, pollution, dye, chemicals, heat of hair dryer and iron are all things that may leave your hair strained and lacking in vitality, leading to dehydration and shelling, so your hair should be especially careful to restore the shine and vitality. Today Super Mama tells you about a magic mask for hair helps to smooth the hair dramatically and also helps in the individual hair if there are simple ripples.
 In the pot, mix the apple vinegar and glycerin until the mixture is mixed. Add the castor oil. Add the castor oil to the hair. Cover the hair with a plastic cap. Leave the catcher for two hours. Put a hot towel from time to time and wash your hair with your shampoo. Note: For best results, repeat the catcher twice a week and you will notice the result after one month. My advice: You can take advantage of your presence in the steam bath and put the catcher in the meantime to get the most benefit.

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