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Maintain healthy hair

There are those who make some mistakes that bounce back negatively on the hair and lead to fatigue and bombardment.

Maintain healthy hair

It is useful to know that washing the hair and cleaning the scalp are the most important things to care for hair, and also attention to the amount of shampoo that should be used, causing excessive quantity to dry hair.

It is advised to wash it once or twice a week, not daily because it leads to bombardment and fall.

It is also recommended to comb hair permanently using a brush with plastic bristles as it helps to avoid breaking hair,

It is also important to cut hair regularly to maintain its health and order, and hair can be cut once every six to eight weeks, to remove any finite ends.

It is also recommended to use hair oils to promote healthy and beautiful growth, moisturizes the hair and scalp, and can use a little coconut oil, or almonds, or olive oil for the scalp, hair tips.
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