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Increase hair volume and density

Increase hair volume and density

Tilt the head forward and comb the hair follicles opposite direction with the fingers of the hands to give a larger volume of quick tricks to increase the density of hair in a fake but it lasts only a few moments and return hair to nature again. If you are normally faced with this, you are probably like me looking for possible ways to give hair a larger size for as long as possible.

Fortunately there are some practical tricks that increase hair volume and intensity for a long time, and do not require the use of harsh hair preparations, just follow it and let your hair sleep some life to become more attractive and charming.

Choose a suitable hair story. If your hair is light, it is best to cut the hair in a gradual way. This will give it a greater density. However, the overprotective hair will not exceed the three layers so that your hair does not become ravenous.
Use the correct shampoo and conditioner. Some types of shampoo may cause hair follicles to be overloaded, as well as over-putting the conditioner on the hair during bathing. Therefore, it is recommended that if you wish to get a natural density of hair resort to hair shampoos, "volumizing shampoo" and prefer to use the balms on the edges of the hair only, the habit of putting the balm on the scalp may cause the accumulation of residues on the hair, which loses vitality.
Dry your hair in a suitable way. When you dry your hair after bathing, make sure the temperature of the dryer is medium and pull the hair forward before airing it. This helps to raise the roots of the hair and then give the hair size and density. In the case of the use of round brush for the individual hair it is the work of large rolls with the pull of roots up during drying. After finishing, keep the temperature on the cold indicator and the air conditioner on your hair for minutes. The cold will stabilize the hair for a longer period.
Use the haircut. The mousse of lotions that help to give hair more density and vitality. After bathing, dry your hair with a towel and then put a small amount of the peas in the size of the peas, taking care not to approach the roots and leave your hair dry in the natural air. The Mousse will enhance your hairline with greater vitality and volume.
Comb hair in reverse direction. Combing hair in reverse direction of ancient tricks to give hair a large volume. After drying the hair with sashes, divide your hair into furs and then mash each of them in reverse direction to lift the roots and increase the hair density in a fake way. Then try to trim your hair with your fingers. You do not need to comb all parts of your hair in reverse direction to get the required intensity. Just enough focus on the crown crown area. After finishing, sprinkle a little spray to fix the hairstyle.
Change the place of hair division. One of the easiest ways to give your hair more vitality is to change the place where you are accustomed to dividing your hair. For example, if you are accustomed to dividing your hair from the middle, prefer to change it and teams from one side to raise the roots slightly.

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