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I wanna die my hair but don’t know the first steps

I wanna die my hair but don’t know the first steps

Bleaching your hair is pretty easy, but if you screw it up it can go really badly. First of all you need to be patient. Even if your hair is naturally light you'll probably need to bleach it more than once because for the for the toner to work the base must be platinum blonde - almost white. Don't try to bleach your hair to more than 3-4 tones lighter at once because it will most likely denaturate the proteins in the hair and ruin them. Keep the dye on for 45-50 minutes maximum, and don't apply it for twice in a row (you can eventually do it if you see your hair is not too damaged after the first time, but don't keep it on for more than 20 minutes). Wait at least two weeks before bleaching again.

What you need to bleach your hair: hydrogen peroxide, bleaching powder, anti-yellow pigment (you can also use an anti-yellow bleaching powder, as most hairdresser do), and possibly a re hydrating treatment (your hair may be very dry and also need a little trim). You mix the powder, hydrogen peroxide and pigment in a bowl and then apply it on your hair. Often hair dressers start with the length because the roots bleach faster thanks to the heat emanated by the skin, but if it's the first time you do it you might want to apply it straight from the roots to make sure you do it evenly. Don't put bleach too close to the skin because it can be irritating. You can protect the skin on your neck/forehead/ears by putting on some Vaseline beforehand.

After you bleach your hair for the first time it will probably look very yellow/orangeish. For the toner to be nice and vibrant (unless you're gonna use a yellow/orange toner) you need to get rid of this pigment by bleaching again. The use of anti-yellow powder/pigment is very important because it makes this process easier and faster. Once you achieve a light platinum blonde you can apply the toner as you would do with a hair mask, and leave it on as long as indicated on its package. Remember the toner is not a permanent dye and it will fade in a few weeks depending on how much you wash your hair. If your hair is very light and you just want to stay white, using an anti-yellow shampoo/conditioner can increase the duration of the color. For any other color I'd suggest you to put a couple teaspoons of dye in your hair conditioner/mask so it will reinforce the color.
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