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Home recipes to stimulate hair growth

We are used to recipes to nourish and strengthen hair, what do you think of 6 recipes help you get long hair attractive?

Home recipes to stimulate hair growth

Mix the curry and coconut leaves

  You will need fresh curry leaves and some coconut oil. Boil them together until the black residue begins to form, get them and use them twice a week to regenerate your hair. This will help your hair grow faster.

Castor oil

  If you are looking for an easy way to enhance your hair growth, add castor oil to your hair conditioner or almond oil with massage your scalp, or rub your scalp with castor oil alone. During the night in case you suffer from problems such as falling hair line, bald spots or thin hair.

Rinse the hair with vinegar

 Our acidity ranges from acidic «3.5» to neutral «5.5», which means that hair care products that tend to alkaline hair lose normal balance, vinegar helps hair restore its optimum pH, it makes each cell brightest and stronger and less vulnerable To break, remove the residue from the hair follicles that choke the scalp and slow the growth of natural hair, mix 1 cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water and use this mixture in the final rinse.

Egg yolks and olive oil

  Simply pour 2 egg yolks with 2 tbsp olive oil, soften the mixture by adding ⅓  to  ½   cup of water, then gently and slowly walk on your scalp. Leave on your hair and scalp for 15 to 20 minutes to absorb all necessary nutrients, then rinse thoroughly. 

Rosemary Hair Treatment

  Mix 2 tablespoons dry rosemary leaves and 300 ml of water. Then mix this mixture in your hair and scalp from the sides. Because it is light, it is not greasy, this mixture does not need to be rinsed. Use it after shampoo and leave it.

Banana Mask

Then put the putty on your head, cover it with a plastic bag, wrap a hot towel over your head for best results, or use a hair dryer to help your hair absorb all the nutrients quickly.

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