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Good-bye   For dry hair in winter

Good-bye   For dry hair in winter

The scalp produces less fat in the winter, so your hair is more dry. Avoid frequent washing. If you need to wash it, do not use shampoo, but only moisturizing lotion, make a weekly hair conditioner and always use a "leave in conditioner" To moisturize hair and protect from cold. If you prefer natural pickers, you should cut eggs, olive oil, coconut milk and mayonnaise to your hair, put the catcher on the hair and then cover the hair with plastic cover or bag, and tie well to lock the heat inside the hair, to increase the absorption of hair nutrients.

Try to reduce the exposure to heat of the flanges and iron, because changing the temperature between extreme cold and frequent hotness, may lead to the bombing of hair and «Hishana» more. Finally, do not forget that healthy, balanced food is the most important factor in maintaining fresh skin and healthy hair, eating more foods rich in magnesium, essential fats and beta-carotene. Salmon, salmon, sardines, tuna, broccoli, red pepper, mushrooms, eggs, carrots, mangoes and citrus are generally recommended. If you suffer from anemia or general weakness, you should take external vitamins. In addition to your healthy diet, take vitamin A, E and C »It helps to protect the skin and hair from the fluctuations of winter. And do not forget to go back to the doctor in the case of growing problem before the aggravation, to prescribe appropriate medical treatment.
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